General Dentistry


Do you have a missing, cracked, or broken tooth? If so, you probably will need a crown. At Stubblefield Dental Clinic you can avoid multiple trips to the dentist and messy impressions. We use an advanced technology to scan your mouth, then we design and manufacture your crown in our office.

No more wearing a temporary crown for weeks while you wait for a laboratory (maybe outside the USA) to produce your crown. Our computer-aided technology allows us to shape and design your new crown to match your existing teeth.

At Stubblefield Dental we customize your crown just for you so that your bite and jaw movements function normally.


Traditional dental restoratives, or fillings, may include metal or gold. Stubblefield Dental Clinic has invested in tooth-colored composite fillings, a cleaner-looking alternative that can be matched to the color of your existing teeth. The space where your decay is present is cleaned, prepared, and then a composite tooth-colored material is put in place. Dr. Stubblefield will shape the new filling so it looks and feels natural.


There are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth. Stubblefield Dental is here to provide care for all our patients’ needs. Sometimes a baby tooth has long roots that prevent it from falling out, or other times a tooth may have so much decay that it may require extraction.

The goal of Stubblefield Dental is to preserve your teeth. If an extraction is necessary, we will provide you with a pleasant experience and offer options to replace your tooth as well.


Do you or your loved one snore? Snoring is a common problem for many people. It not only affects the quality of sleep of the person snoring but also for others around them. The unpleasant and often annoying sound associated with snoring occurs in a sleeping individual when loose structures in the throat – such as the uvula and soft palate – vibrate as air passes over them during breathing. The decrease in space through the airway makes it harder for each breath to get through, and when it does get through, the result is the snoring sound. Other causes of snoring may include excess body weight, alcohol consumption, certain medications, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Stubblefield Dental Clinic can make an oral appliance that may represent a solution and a better night’s sleep! This device is specially designed to gently help keep the lower jaw, or mandible, in a forward position to increase the space in the airway passage, which allows for better breathing and a quiet night’s sleep. Our dentist will fit the appliance to meet your individual condition of snoring.


Jaw-dropping Facts:

  • Do you often wake up with an ache in your jaw or face?
  • Does your jaw sometimes feel stiff when you try to open and close your mouth?
  • Do you have sensitive or worn-down teeth?
  • Does your jaw make a clicking or popping sound when you chew?

If so, it is possible that you have TMJ Disorder. This condition is often referred to simply as TMJ, which is the acronym used to describe the Temporomandibular Joint. If this joint becomes stressed and inflamed, TMJ Disorder can develop.

Patients usually fall into two categories:

  • Pain. The reason that TMJ disorder often leads to pronounced discomfort in the mornings is that most people clench their jaws when they sleep. Sometimes patients also have limited mobility in the jaw. TMJ addresses facial pain and problems such as chronic pain in the head, neck, and shoulders – and even ringing in the ears.
  • Excessive wear. This problem is also associated with clenching and grinding. Sometimes sensitivity and undue wear are the problems that we notice during routine dental visits.

Many people who suffer from TMJ disorder can experience a significant decrease in symptoms from wearing a comfortable, convenient nightguard appliance, custom-fit to their mouth. This nightguard resembles mouthpieces worn by athletes. The purpose of nightly wear is to create a buffer against the excessive force of clenching and grinding, reducing stress on temporomandibular joints.